QuickGrow Irrigation provide you with a full off the grid solution from an existing or newly drilled borehole supply, for your property.

The borehole water can:

  • Be linked to a new new / or existing irrigation system,
  • Provide a direct water supply to the premises so that you do not have to rely on municipal water supply,
  • Back-up water supply in the event of municipal outages,
  • Provide borehole water supply to top water features and pools.

A borehole water supply provides an uninterrupted water supply when compared to a rainwater harvesting system which will only be able to offer you an intermittent water supply in your summer rainfall period only.

What sets QuickGrow Irrigation apart is that we are able to service and install any component of a borehole supply to your property including:

  1. Borehole surveys
  2. Borehole drilling
  3. Borehole yield tests
  4. Repairs and installations of borehole pumps & motors
  5. Installation of pump stations and water backup solutions
  6. Water testing against potable drinking standards
  7. Installation and servicing of water filtration systems depending on water results
  8. Rainwater harvesting solutions
  9. Sports field Irrigation

QuikGrow uses brands that work consistently and have a proven track record, are constantly available and have a good back service.

The brands we use are:

  • Rainbird Irrigation
  • Booster Pumps
  • Franklin Borehole Pumps & Motors
  • Jojo and Eco Storage Tanks
  • Full Flo Fittings

QuikGrow Bulk Organics

Do you spend quality time with your family in your garden retreat?

Do you want to get your garden green and growing?

QuikGrow will help you out by supplying bulk quality organic compost, lawn dressing and top soil direct to your door in Johannesburg and surrounding areas at a reasonable price. A collection option is also available.

Company Awards

    • The Star readers choice irrigation company of the year 2013.
    • Preferred contractor for irrigation recommended by the Garden Shop Group of companies.
    • Preferred supplier to DIY MET RIAAN on SABC 2.
    • Appearance on the REDI Tlhabi Show for Green tip of the day.
    • Preferred Irrigation Company on the Homemakers Fair website.