An Automatic Irrigation System has a huge advantage over a manual system in that it does not need human intervention. It will place the right amount of water on a specific part of the garden, at a specific time throughout the year. This will lead to massive water savings compared to using your hosepipe or even a manual system. A Rainbird installed rain sensor (which is fitted standard by Quikgrow) will automatically override the irrigation cycle in the event of rain, thereby leading to substantial water savings. “What percentage of your time in your garden is spent on watering inefficiently?”

An automated irrigation system will add to the value of your property, as it will beautify your garden environment and free up your time spent watering your garden.

Rainbird is our preferred brand as it has a history of over 80 years and is the market leader internationally and in South Africa. Rainbird give a full 1 year warranty on their products excluding damage caused by acts of God and physical damage.

In summary an automated system will save you time, water, money, whilst allowing you to enjoy your beautiful surroundings.

  • The System is made up of 3 main components: The controller (the brain of the system), the valves and the sprinklers.
  • The controller tells the valves to open or close, turning the sprinklers on or off.
  • When the controller reaches a programmed start time it sends a signal to one of the valves telling it to open.
  • Each valve controls a group of sprinklers, called a zone or station.
  • When the run time for the zone is done the controller tells the valve to close.
  • The valve closes shutting off the flow of water to the sprinklers.
  • This process is automatically repeated for each zone in the system.

Click here to view a video on general info and the anatomy of an Automated Irrigation System