Borehole Services:

Repairs and Replacement of Borehole Pumps
QI offers the following maintenance solutions:

  • Repairs to all makes of borehole pumps / motors and borehole control boxes – ON SITE ONLY.

The following borehole brands are serviced:

  • CRI, Franklin, Grunfos, DAB, Brisan

Repairs and Replacement of Booster Pumps
QI offers repair and maintenance to all makes of booster pumps – ON SITE ONLY.

The following booster pump brands are covered:

  • Pentax, Ibara, Grundfos, ESPA, DAB, Selfo, Wilo & Brisan

Repairs and Replacement of Borehole Control Systems (Electrical and Pressurized)

  • Pressure tanks and pressure switches.
  • Flow control.
  • Pump start relay (single phase and three phase).
  • Installation of variable speed gear drive systems to booster pumps.
  • By adjusting the variable speed of the booster pump this system will increase the performance or decrease the performance of the pump according to the specific water requirement. This leads to up to a 30% electricity reduction when the booster pump is in operation. For example, where a booster pump is directed, water flow into a house (or tap) does not require anywhere near as much water flow and pressure as when water flows into an irrigation system.
  • The variable speed gear drive will adjust the operational performance of the booster pump according to these variable water requirements mentioned above. This leads to massive electricity savings and prevents wear and tear on the operation of the booster pump.

Borehole Yield Tests

  • Yield tests on boreholes for certification purposes on transfer of property.
  • Borehole yield test old borehole wells/holes to determine viability.
  • Yield tests on newly drilled boreholes to determine borehole pump/motor requirements.

Borehole Drilling & Surveying

  • Borehole Survey will be using the latest hydrological methodology, to establish where you are most likely to find water on your property.
  • Inyati Group, our drilling partners will then drill the hole in the position as specified by borehole surveys.
  • Once the hole has been drilled, QI will then do a yield test and then install the related borehole set-up and supply according to the results of the yield any requirements you may have for the borehole meter.
  • In summary, Inyati Group and borehole Survey are our partners because we feel that they deliver a service that meets Quikgrow irrigation requirements and are leaders in their field of expertise.

Installation of Irrigation Systems off Borehole Supplies
QI can install the following irrigation systems:

  • Garden (Manual and Automated).
  • Turf valves.

Installation of Borehole Feed to a House for Domestic Consumption

  • QI will test the water and design a filtration system around the water supply before feeding it into the house so that it is fit for human consumption.

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