Borehole Services:

Repairs and Replacement of Borehole & Booster Pumps 

  • Repairs to all makes of borehole pumps / motors and borehole control boxes – ON SITE ONLY.
  • Repair and maintenance to all makes of booster pumps – ON SITE ONLY.

Buffer Tank Installation

  • Water storage tank installation to safeguard you in the event of municipal supply interruption.

Repairs and Replacement of Borehole Control Systems (Electrical and Pressurized)

  • Pressure tanks and pressure switches.
  • Flow control.
  • Pump start relay (single phase and three phase).
  • Variable speed gear drive systems.

Borehole Yield Tests

  • Yield tests on boreholes for certification purposes on transfer of property.
  • Borehole yield test old borehole wells/holes to determine viability.
  • Yield tests on newly drilled boreholes to determine borehole pump/motor requirements.

Borehole Drilling & Surveying

  • Borehole Survey will be using the latest hydrological methodology, to establish where you are most likely to find water on your property.
  • Our drilling partners will then drill the hole in the position as specified by borehole surveys.
  • Once the hole has been drilled, QI will then do a yield test and then install the related borehole set-up and supply according to the results of the yield any requirements you may have for the borehole meter.
  • In summary, our drilling partners and borehole Survey are our partners because we feel that they deliver a service that meets Quikgrow irrigation requirements and are leaders in their field of expertise.

Installation of Irrigation Systems off Borehole Supplies
QI can install the following irrigation systems:

  • Manual and Automated
  • Pump-Station Installations

Installation of Borehole Feed to a House for Domestic Consumption

  • QI will test the water and design a filtration system around the water supply before feeding it into the house so that it is fit for human consumption.

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