A Manual System designed by Quikgrow Irrigation will work on a ball valve system connected to your water supply in your garden. Quikgrow Irrigation will only use market leader Rainbird Irrigation points throughout your garden when designing your Manual Irrigation System. Quikgrow Irrigation will design and install the system in such a way that you will water individual stations in the garden, one zone at a time, allowing you to separate lawn and flower bed irrigation.

The huge advantage of a manual system is that it allows you to irrigate your garden from one central point to maximum capacity and efficiency, without you having to drag garden hose around.

  • The System is made up of 2 main components: The valves and the sprinklers.
  • Each valve controls a group of sprinklers called a zone or station.
  • The valves are manually opened by turning its lever and releasing the flow of water.
  • You will need to check your watch to record the run time for the zone.
  • When the run time for the zone is complete the valve has to be manually closed to shut off the flow of water.
  • This process is manually repeated for each zone in the system.

Click here to view a video on general info and the anatomy of an Automated Irrigation System